About Us

Amadis-soft is a community of tech enthusiasts where both tech savvy and non-savvy people meet and share knowledge. Whether you’re technically sound or not, welcome to the Amadis-soft. We thrive among the cyber world with access to great knowledge.

Here at Amadis-soft, we primarily focus on solving regular issues that people usually face in their daily lives, like installing apps or fixing issues. Since most people use Windows for PC and Android as their phones, we usually write guides while keeping these people in mind.

We found that most people who love using certain apps on their phones, also want to use the same app on their PCs with the same interface. For that, we’ve made a repository of guides to install phone apps on any PC, regardless of whether you’re on Windows or Mac. 

Well, we don’t settle just there. We also share our technical knowledge in every other aspect of technology that people might need when needed. Our team consists of network engineers, app developers, and UX specialists who know how things work out. 

Our aim is to provide people with helpful guides with which they can figure out different technical issues on their own and solve them as well. If you’re a person who needs such guides and tutorials, we’re ready to walk you through the process of getting things done. 

While we share all sorts of app guides for both installation and troubleshooting, we never feature any spammy app on our site. We’re strongly against malware, spoofing, and all sorts of viruses that sneak into people’s devices. And we never share such apps with our readers. 

The process we take on before talking about an app on our site is streamlined. We’d install, test, and go through the app ourselves before talking about it. Then if we find that the app is good to install, we then share our experience and its technical specs on our site for you. 



30 August 2022